Online Marketing And Sales Training (Wisdom Selling Map)

Wisdom Selling Solutions will bring a 4 hour course to your company or off-site location.  Prior to the training, we will send you a questionnaire to complete which will allow us to customize the training to your company’s experience and needs.

The training is based on Wisdom Selling, which is a process for understanding customer needs and addressing them successfully, and doubling or even tripling the business revenue of your organization over an established period.

Many sales and marketing methods encourage relationship building, trust bridges or other ways of building credibility with the client.  The inability to build this relationship or connect with the client can be a significant contributor to business loss, salesperson self esteem issues and wasted time.

Wisdom Selling focuses on the difference between explaining and relating, when each is appropriate for establishing credibility, and how to transition from one to the other at appropriate times in the sales process.

Wisdom Selling also includes advanced online marketing strategies, and our 7-step “Wisdom Selling Map”(tm) to superior value creation and attraction from the right market.

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